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Here are my totally honest thoughts:

Our firm recently had the pleasure of working with Whitestone Construction on a small recording studio in Boulder, Colorado.  While barely over 600 square feet in area, the studio, its control room, and the new entryway from the adjoining open office area all required special sound-isolated construction and an extremely refined level of detailing.  

The studio was envisioned as a "musical oasis" of sorts for the staff (most of whom are themselves musicians) of MakeMusic, a Boulder-based company which has been at the forefront of integrating technology with music and music education for decades.  Primary materials included custom-milled maple wall panels, micro-perforated maple veneer acoustical panels, floating wood flooring (stained black), sound-rated doors and windows, and a unique variety of lighting and data/communications systems.  After refining the design over nearly a year, it was crucial that the general contractor put as much effort into constructing the new studio as we had in designing it with our client.  Whitestone not only met, but exceeded all of our expectations.  Their attention to every detail  were remarkable, not only the finished surfaces that would be seen, but the challenge of fitting 10 pounds of ductwork and electrical systems in a five-pound bag so that what was seen was not compromised in any way. 

Not only did their project manager (Andy Magged) and "working" superintendent (Chip Faller), do an amazing job of making sure that every last piece of wood was properly installed, but company president Bob Bosshart was on site on a regular basis, checking on the progress and quality of the project with his own eyes, and literally helping figure out how to execute some of the more finicky details.  Every detail that was important to me as the designer became equally important to Whitestone.  

I can honestly say that in my 40+ years as a practicing architect, I've never worked with a contractor who was more responsive, or who took more pride in their work.  I'd work with them again in a heartbeat.  


Eric Bartczak, AIA, LEED-AP  


Studio h:t

Whitestone construction performed on budget and on schedule for an aggresive project in an academic setting.  Their staff, from President down to laborers was always courteous, professional, and capable, and their suggestions throughout the process always served to improve the end result for the Client.  I recommend them without hesitation.

The scope of this project included an update to the retail functionality of the store involving the conversion of fitting rooms to offices on the main floor, addition of new fitting rooms on the lower level, addition of overhead architectural soffits, and upgraded casework throughout.

In addition, the lighting was substantially upgraded and a new mechanical system was installed.  All work was completed in an occupied retail space that remained open for the duration of the project.  Close coordination and scheduling was required in order to meet the challenging 10 week schedule.

~Christopher Herr


University of Colorado Boulder

Working in the resident halls here at the Univeristy of Colordao is very difficult to say the least, especially when we take the bathrooms away from already stressed out students to renovate. I puched, and without puchback the people of Whitestone found a way to get the job done sooner than later. 

Under the extreme protest of the students at Aden Hall, you and your team have been able to complete this project easlier than scheduled.

I want to congratulate your team of Libby, Chip, Steve, Tony, Luis and anyone I forgot to mention for a job well done. 

Their perseverance and professional manner in which they handled themselves under difficult circumstances has been commendable.

~ Tony Sposato
Construction Management University of Colorado Housing Facilities Services




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